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KoBulChess Helpmates 2012 Award
logo(09.12.2016) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Helpmates 2012. Many thanks to the judge Zoran Gavrilovski for his excellent job! The Award is open for 1 month period.
Problem 776: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennady.koziura(09.12.2016) Selfmate with multi play of black pieces on the same square and different mates in 3+3 thematic connected variations.
Problem 775. Nebojsa Joksimovic - Helpmate
nebojsa.joksimovic(08.12.2016) An excellent helpmate moremover with three chameleon echo model mates by Nebojsa!
Problem 774: Ladislav Salai jr. - Threemover
ladislav.salai.jr(07.12.2016) A wonderful threemover by Ladislav Salai jr. with two pairs of thematic connected variations and black correction!
Problem 773: Jan Kovalic & Imrich Bandzuch - Fairy (Grasshoppers)
jan.kovalic.2imrich.bandzuch(07.12.2016) Fairy helpmate with four echo model mates by Slovakian tandem. Welcome to Imrich Bandzuch!
Problem 772: Nikolay Dimitrov (+) - Threemover
dimitrov(02.12.2016) The bulgarian maestro Nikolay Dimitrov passed away two years ago, but his problems are still alive! Few years ago when he started to send originals for KoBulChess I had helping him to chek his problems because he can't use a computer because of his weak and ill eyes. After his death I found a threemover by him on my computer, so now finally it can be published! Thank you maestro and Rest in peace!
Problem 771: Lubos Kekely - Fairy (Circe, Pressburger King)
lubos.kekely(02.12.2016) Tanagra with Ideal mate by Lubos Kekely.
Problem 770: Franz Pachl - Fairy (PWC, Grasshopper, Rose, Bishophopper)
franz.pachl(01.12.2016) A wonderful fairy problem with cyclic play by Franz Pachl.
Problem 769: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate
jozef.holubec2(01.12.2016) Selfmate longmover with 3 solutions and 2 wQs.
Problem 768: Valery Surkov - Selfmate
valery.surkov2(30.11.2016) Selfmate miniature by Valery Surkov.
Problem 767: Hubert Gockel - Fairy (Anti Circe)
hubert.gockel(30.11.2016) Very nice fairy twomover by Hubert Gockel.
Problem 766: Paul Raican - Fairy (Vertical Miror Circe, Ser-AutoClouage)
paul.raican(29.11.2016) Fairy problem with Vertical Miror Circe and long wK journey.
Problem 765: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesyan(29.11.2016) Selfmate with AUW in only 2 moves and twins with mutiple solutions.
Problem 764: Eric Huber - Fairy (Argentinian chess, Circe, AntiCirce, neutral pieces)
eric.huber(12.11.2016) Interesting fairy problem with combination of Argentinian chess, Circe and AntiCirce.
Problem 763: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Circe Couscous)
pierre.tritten(10.11.2016) Fairy H# with Circe Couscous and two matched solutions by Pierre Tritten.
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