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Problem 835: Fadil Abdurahmanovic, Ioannis Kalkavouras - Helpmate
fadil.abdurahmanovicioannis.kalkavouras(22.05.2017) An excellent helpmate from Fadil Abdurahmanovic and Kalkavouras! Should be delight to solve.
Problem 834: Murali Karthikeyan, S. Manikumar - Helpmate
murali.karthikeyanmanikumar.s(21.05.2017) Welcome to Murali Karthikeyan, 18 year old Grandmaster from India. I am happy to publish his first composed problem, a nice Tanagra showing three underpromotions, an echo-mate and neat exchange of function! He is already a keen solver finishing third in the Junior section of the ISC two years ago and has a healthy solving rating of 2313. We welcome and expect more from him.
Problem 833: Aleksey Oganesjan, Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik - Helpmate
aleksey.oganesjanvitaly.medintsevanatoly skripnik(16.05.2017) Welcome to Anatoly Skripnik who joins the other two Russian experts to show a complex blend of promotions, selfpins and unpins! They needed the full black army to control the small white force!
Problem 832: Ioannis Kalkavouras - Helpmate

ioannis.kalkavouras(16.05.2017) A nice long helpmate from Greece.

Problem 831: Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
kenan.velikhanov.new.docx(01.05.2017) Kenan's helpmate meredith has two pairs of reciprocal play with a nice echo-mate.
Problem 830: Petko Petkov - Fairy (HS#)
petko.petkov(30.04.2017)  GM Petko Petkov has been supporting the website for many years with ideas, advices and was a judge for several times. Now he published his first original in a KoBulChess IT. Warm welcome to the top bulgarian composer and the leader of the world ranking! Here he present a perfect help-selfmate with triple chameleon echo model mates and anti-critical moves in clear form of Meredith.
Problem 829: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(30.04.2017) A traditional style threemover from the Israeli master.
Problem 828: R.Phani Bhushan & S.Manikumar & K.Seetharaman - Selfmate
phani.bhushanmanikumar.sseetharaman.kalyan(29.04.2017) Welcome to R. Phani Bhushan in KoBulChess! Together with S. Manikumar and our co-editor Seetharaman they present a selfmate with five neat variations. Similar problems are well known so we hope there is no direct anticipation.
Problem 827: Srecko Radovic & Nebojsa Joksimovic - Helpmate
srecko.radovicnebojsa.joksimovic(29.04.2017)  An excellent miniature from the Serbian duo with an interesting try!
Problem 826: Valery Shanshin - Twomover
valery.shansin(20.04.2017) Twomover by Valery Shanshin with complex mix of modern themes. 
Problem 825: Vitaly Medintsev - Helpmate
vitaly.medintsev(20.04.2017) An excellent Zilahi from the Russian master!
Problem 824: Preet Vardhan - Helpmate
preet.vardhan(18.04.2017) Welcome to Preet Vardhan. He started composing recently and his first composed problem shows the nice theme of  'twoway interference' with excellent dual avoidance.  Hope he comes up with more of the same quality!
He is from a group of four promising newcomers from India who are the product of the efforts of the seniors through a Whatsapp group. The group includes N.Velmurugan (See 800) and Dr. S.Manikumar who have already shown their mettle in  the recent Quick composing tourneys of the Superproblems.  I will soon publish a few originals of the fourth member of the group Dr.Phani Bhushan.
KoBulChess IT 2017 Judges
judges2017(17.04.2017) We are happy to announce the judges of all sections of the KoBulChess Informal Tourneys for 2017. Your originals and comments are always welcome!
Problem 823:Viktor Syzonenko - Helpmate
viktor.syzonenko(17.04.2017) Another interesting cycle of avoidance and help from the Ukranian master!
Problem 822: Francesco Simoni - Helpmate
francesco.simoni(17.04.2017) Happy to publish this complex helpmate from the Italian master!  It is another ideal example of the 'Organised disharmony' popularised by Zivko.
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