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Problems 922 to 925: Alexander Pankratiev, Alexey Ivunin & Mihail Gershinski - Helpmates
alexey.ivuninaleksandr.pankratievmichael.gershinski(28.11.2018) Happy to publish four nice originals by the Russian and Ukrainian helpmate experts! Apologies to them for the delay in publishing.
922. Aleksey Ivunin & Alesander Pankratiev
H#3.5        2 Sols.        (4+9)
1...Rxe4+ 2.Kf6 Re8 3.Sf5 Bd6 4.Qg5 Be5#
1...Bxd6+ 2.Kf5 Bxg3 3.Sf6 Re4 4.Qg4 Re5#
Mates on the same square
923. Aleksey Ivunin & Alesander Pankratiev
H#5          b)wSh8           (2+7)
a) 1.Qb5 Ba1 2.Bb2 Kf2 3.Ra4 Ke3 4.Ba3 Kd4 5.Bb3 Bc3#
b) 1.Kc3 Sf7 2.Kd2 Sxg5 3.Qd1+ Kxh2 4.Ke1+ Kg1 5.Re2 Sf3#


924. Mihail Gershinski (Ukraine) &
Alexander Pankratiev (Russia)
H#3        b) Bg8-h6        (3+14)
a) 1.Qa2 Bb3 2.axb3 Rh6 3.Qa5 Rxc6#
b) 1.Ra3 Rb3 2.axb3 Bxf4 3.Ra6 Bc7#
Mixed Bristol, active sacritifce, Zilahi (Seetharaman)


925. Mihail Gershinski (Ukraine) &
Alexander Pankratiev (Russia)
H#3          2 Sol.          (5+7)
1.Rxe5 h3 2.R5e3 Rh5 3.Be4 Be5#
1.Ke4 e6 2.Sxe6 Bc3 3.Sf4 Re5#
Mates on the same square in another setting! (Seetharaman)

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