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Gligor Denkovski 70 - MT 2016
gligor.denkovski(24.08.2016) To commemorate the 70th birthday of Gligor Denkovski (20 August 1946 – 15 January 2015), a formal composing tourney is announced in three sections.
Problem 751: Vitaly Medintsev - Helpmate
vitaly.medintsev(19.08.2016) Another nice helpmate from the Russian master showing white annihilation and black queen critical moves.
Problem 750: Francesco Simoni - Twomover
francesco.simoni(16.08.2016) The Italian Master shows an interesting interpretation of the 10-WCCT theme with white correction and white Graimshaw tries!
World Congress of Chess Composition - Belgrade 2016 (Part 2)
26(13.08.2016) Here you can see many information, awards and photos from the last two days of the congress - the Solving Show, the Prize giving ceremony and the Closing banquet of this excellent WCCC in Belgrade.
World Congress of Chess Composition - Belgrade 2016 (Part 1)
wccc0(04.08.2016) The World Congress of Chess composition and the 40th World Chess Solving championship are held in Belgrade (Serbia) between 30.07 and 06.08.2016. Here I will present you an information and photos from yesterday attractive Solving Show Machine Gun U18 and chess OTB match Serbia vs World.
Problem 749: Abdelaziz Onkoud - helpmate
abdelaziz.onkoud2(3.8.2016) The  helpmate expert of Morocco shows a complex double cycle, but needed to use 3 BBs.  Can it be improved?  That is the challenge for our other experts!
Problem 748: Emanuel Navon & Menachem Witztum - Helpmate


(25.07.2016) Helpmates with two setplay and two solutions are not frequent. This one from Israel experts shows just that, though with simple play. 
Problem 747: Zlatko Mihajloski - Helpmate
zlatko.mihajloski(17.07.2016) Nice helpmate with tempo Rundlauf by Zlatko Mihajloski.
Problem 746: Nikola Stolev - Helpmate
nikola.stolev(10.07.2016) Another WCCT special from Macedonia with Zilahi and Bristol!
Chess problems solving tourney 2016
fmschess(03.07.2016) Few minutes ago Plamen Petrov won the Chess problems solving tourney which held in casino Hrisantema (Bulgaria) during the Festival of Mind Sports!
Problem 745: Vasyl Kryzhanivskyi - Helpmate
vasil.krizhanivsky(03.07.2016) Another nice capture cycle, but quite different from 739!
World Championship in Composing for Individuals 2013-2015
wfcc(03.07.2016) Few days ago the results of the WCCI 2013-2015 was presented on the website of the WFCC. There were three bulgarian participants - Diyan Kostadinov, Velko Aleksandrov and Borislav Atanasov. Petko Petkov was a judge in Fairies section.
Problem 744: Nikola Stolev - Twomover

nikola.stolev(24.06.2016) Elegant two-mover showing nice changed mates after black correction. Also WCCT 10 theme of Anticipatory unpin by white!

Problem 743: Torsten Linss - Fairy (Rose)
torsten5(21.06.2016) Yesterday we met with Torsten Linss in Bulgaria. Here you can see his new fairy problem (Reflex mate) which he was finish at morning before our meeting and also some photos.
Problem 742: Rodolfo Riva - Helpmate
rodolfo.riva(19.06.2016) Here is the Cyclic "Rope theme" in Meredith by Rodolfo Riva! He rightly mentions that the real challenge will be to do it H#2.5 or more.
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