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Nikola Predrag - Moremover 9th WCCT (Version)
nikola.predrag(29.12.2015) Here is the improved version of Nikola Predrag's moremover from the 9th WCCT. The problem is not a part of the website's Informal tourneys, but I am sure that our visitors will like it.
My participation on WCCC Bern 2014

my00(17.09.2014) Here are my problems from WCCC Bern 2014 which were awarded with two prizes and one honorable mention. You can see also photos of the prize giving ceremony.

Animated presentation of a wonderful fairy problem by Shankar Ram

shankarram(06.03.2014) Here you can see the wonderful problem by Shankar Ram published in Springaren 1985 with animated diagrams which presenting all three solutions! Very rich thematic complex with cyclic change of functions of three white and black thematic pieces, unpins, line closing and double mates!

My selected compositions from WCCI 2010-2012

diyan(03.07.2013) Two days ago the judges of World Championship in Composing for Individuals 2010-2012 complete their work. The results will be available on 01.09.2013. Here you can see nine of my championship entries. Hope that you will enjoy them.

Venelin Alaikov - selected compositions (part 2)

alaikovThis is the second part of Alaikov's selected compositions. Here are included helpmates and fairy problems.

Venelin Alaikov - selected compositions (part 1)

valaikovThis is the first part of selected compositions by the famous bulgarian chess composer GM Venelin Alaikov. Twomovers, threemovers, moremovers and selfmates are included in part one. Part 2 will present helpmates and fairy problems. 

Diyan Kostadinov - selected compositions

diyan  Here is selection of Diyan Kostadinov's best compositions - twomovers, threemovers, moremovers, helpmates, selfmates and fairy problems.


Krassimir Gandev - selected compositions

kgThis is collection of selected compositions by the famous bulgarian chess composer Krassimir Gandev.

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