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Zoran Gavrilovski 50 JT - Award
zoran.gavrilovski(04.01.2019) Zoran Gavrilovski is one of the most talented and versatile composers in the world (and an editor of The Macedonian Problemist magazine). He has a lot of masterpieces and here you can see the Award of his 50th Jubilee Tourney which was in 5 sections: #2, #3, S#, H#2, H#n. In the article are included the problems of all winners (and the two selfmates by the bulgarian participant Petko Petkov), three selected compositions by Zoran and also a link to the full award.


Here are the winner problems of all sections:
zoran1    zoran3
zoran6    zoran7
Among the particpants was one bulgarian too. Here are are the two selfmates by Petko Petkov awarded with Honourable mention and Commendation:
zoran4    zoran5 
You can see the full Award on the PDF file by clicking HERE.
Enjoy :)


0 #1 Peter Siegfried Krug 2019-01-25 04:21
I've great admiration for the composer Z. Gavrilovski. He composes and works in the field of chess composition at a very high level.

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