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Problems 978-980: Petko Petkov - Fairy (Anda, Anda Inverse)
petko.petkov.2(10.04.2019) Three wonderful originals by Petko Petkov with the NEW fairy conditions ANDA and ANDA INVERSE which he invented this year. Enjoy the first published originals with these fairy conditions with Petkov's comments and explanations!
ANDA:  A non neutral piece (except a King) that gives a direct check becomes neutral. A neutral piece (except a King) that gives a direct check takes the colour of the side that moved it. (Invented by Petko A.Petkov, 2019, programed in WinChloe 3,44,).
978. This problem demonstrates some important effects characteristic of Anda: a specific "Correction theme" of a piece that is in neutral phase, multiple Switchback.
An interesting try (which to a certain extent has a logical character!) is 1.Be5=nB +!? in order to give matе from the "e5" square with a Bishop in white phase. Now on 1...nBe5~ follows 2.nBe5=wB#! with an unexpected return to the square "e5" (Switchback!). But black has a good "correcting move": 1...nBg7=bB+!! Pay attention to this counter-check, which is typical of Anda condition only!
   1.Re6! - threat 2.Pe3=nP+! nPe2 3.nPe3=wP#! - another Switchback with color change! 
Similarly: 1...Bc1 2.Pc3=nP+! nPc2 3.nPc3 =wP#!
After 1...Qxd3 a new, successful white Bishop's action is possible: 2.Ba7=nB+! nBb8 3.nBe5=wB#! The "wBe5#" that we can perceive as a "Main plan" has already been implemented, but unlike the try-play, after other maneuver of the white Bishop! If 2...c5 follows 3.nBxc5=wB# - an unexpected matе with the white Bishop, this time from the "c5" field! 
After the defense 1...f4 a new "Neutral correction" arises, this time in the play of the white Rook: 2.Re4=nR+!! nRe4~ 3.nRe4=wR#!! (again Switchback!) and 2...nRxe7! 3.nRd7=wR#!
(1.Re5? Qxd3!).
979. a) Thematic try with logical character: 1.Ke8? and if follows1...nCRe6=nCQ 2.CSg1=CB hxg6 3.CBh2=nCR+!! nCRh8=bCQ+!? (the only possible move of black!) there is no mate because white has a strong defence: 4.nCQg8=nCS!! Therefore the Chameleon must step on "e6" but in black color! That's why an "Anda check" is needed and white must make the move Ke8 later! The right way is: 1.CSg1=CB! CRe6=bCQ+! 2.Ke8! hxg6 3.CBh2=nCR+! nCRh8=bCQ#
   b) Thematic try with logical character: 1.Ka5? and if follows: 1...nCRc6=nCQ 2.CSh2=CB c2 3.CBg1=nCR+ nCRe1=bCQ+ there is no mate because 4.nCQc3=nCS! The right way is: 1.CSh2=CB! nCRc6=bCQ+! 2.Ka5! c2 3.CBg1=nCR+! nCRe1=bCQ#!
Unexpected finals with two chameleons in black phase, line opening, model mates. Meredith form. My best Anda-problem!
ANDA INVERSE: A piece changes its colour when it has been moved without direct check: when it is white or black, it becomes neutral; when it is neutral, it becomes white if it has been moved by White and black if it has been moved by Black.A piece (except a King) that gives a direct check retains its color.(Invented by Petko A.Petkov, 2019. This condition will be included in the next version of WinChloe).
980. Set-play: 1…c3=nP 2.Sd3+ Kc4 3.Ba6#. But white has no tempo-move, for example: 1.Pf5=nP? nPf4=bP! Of course, every move of the white Bb7 changes its color to neutral and follows 1... nB~ = bB!
Illegal moves are 1.h8=nB?? or h8=nQ?? due self-check. Weak is also 1.h8=nR? due 1...nR~=bR! (for example, not 1...nRh5+?? 2.nRh8=wR! Pc3=nP 3.Rc8#!, or 2.nRh3=wR! Pc3=nP 3.Rxc3#!).
Right is only: 1.h8=nS! (zz) - 1…nSf7+ 2.nSg5=wS! Pc3=nP 3.Se4#; 1…Sg6+ 2.Sf8=wS! Pc3=nP 3.Sxd7#. (1…nPc3 2.Sd3+ Kc4 3.Ba6#). A curious role of the promoted S which in the process of the play makes 6 different moves!


+4 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2019-04-10 10:55
Brilliant idea and another interesting invention by Petkov! The originals are superb!
+3 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2019-04-10 12:24
I really like the specific fairy effects which are possible. 978 and 980 are nice and paradoxical but 979 is fantastic!

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