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Chess problems
Problem 852: Hubert Gockel - Fairy (AMU)
hubert.gockel(07.10.2017) Fairy twomover with doubled Le Grand and a lot of nice AMU fairy effects by Hubert.
Problem 851: Petko Petkov - Helpmate
petko.petkov(01.10.2017) Very nice helpmate by Petko Petkov with rich thematic content probably shown for the first time according to the author.
Problem 850: Mikhail Gershinsky & Аleksandr Pankratiev - Helpmate
michael.gershinski(30.0aleksandr.pankratiev9.2017) The Ukraine - Russian tandem provides an excellent Zilahi with mates on the same square.
Problem 849: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(29.09.2017) New original from Leonid. Does it show Zilahi in directmate?
Problem 848: Valery Kopyl - Helpmate
valery.kopyl(23.09.2017) Very nice helpmate by Valery Kopyl with distant selfblocks, unblocks and dual avoidance.
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