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Chess problems
Problem 843: Alexandr Sygurov - Threemover
alexandr.sygurov(06.08.2017) An excellent Pickaninny from the Russian master! It is a pawn/Bishop duel.
Problem 842: Araz Almammadov & Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
araz.almammadovkenan.velikhanov(06.08.2017) Another welcome contribution from Azerbaijan!
Problem 841: Josef Lozek - Helpmate
josef.lozek(31.07.2017) Welcome to Josef Lozek whose nice helpmate has Umnov effects and model mates - blend of traditional and modern in HOTF form!
Problem 840: Valerio Agostini - Helpmate
valerio.agostini(31.07.2017) Grimshaws (even double) in helpmates have been shown many times. Can this neat meredith by Valerio escape anticipation?
Problem 839: Jean Hayman & Menahem Witztum - Helpmate
jean.haymanmenachem.witztum(30.07.2017) Welcome to the Israeli expert Jean Hayman who joins Menachem Witztum to give us a delightful  blend of Goethart & Gamage unpins!
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