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Problem 895: S.K.Balasubramanian & Kalyan Seetharaman - Fairy (Masand chess)
balasubramanianseetharaman.kalyan(25.05.2018) A sweet fairy problem by our co-editor Seetharaman and his compatriot Balasubramanian, which is very good example of the Masand Chess.
Problem 894: Yasin Shale - Helpmate
yasin.shale(14.05.2018) Nice helpmate by the turkish author. Welcome to Yasin Shale!
Problem 893: Francesco Simoni - Helpmate
francesco.simoni(08.05.2018) An excellent helpmate from the Italian maestro showing comples unpins and line openings. Dont miss the nice tries.
Problem 892: Daniele Gatti - Selfmate
daniele.gatti(18.04.2018) Selfmate moremover Meredith. Welcome to Daniele Gatti from Italy! 
Problem 891: Petko Petkov - Fairy (Neutral Double Grasshopper)
petko.petkov(06.04.2018) Really fantastic fairy problem by Petko Petkov! Rich thematic complex and full analogy between all 4 solutions.
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