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Problem 914: Paul Raican - Fairy (Proof Game, Berolina, Glasgow chess)
paul.raican(23.10.2018) A fairy Proof Game by Paul Raican.
914.Paul Raican (Romania)
1.c2-e4 b7-d5 2.e4-f5 d5-e4 3.g6 f3 4.gxg7=R fxf2=R
5.Rxf7 Rxf1+ 6.Rxf1 BPhf5 7.Kf2 Rxh2 8.Sh3 Rxh1
9.Rxh1 BPg5 10.Qg1 Bc5+ 11.Kf1 Bf2 12.BPd4 Sc6
13.BPc5 Sd4 14.BPac4 BPc6 15.BPb5 Qd6 16.BPa6 Bd7
17.BPb7=R! O-O-O 18.Ra6 Kxb7. 
The last 11 moves are verified by Jacobi. 
Phoenix-Pronkin R, Schnoebelen R, Ceriani-Frolkin r.
Berolina Pawns: Capture orthogonally, move diagonally
Glasgow chess: Pawns are promotes on their seventh (white) or second (black) rank instead of the eight or first. 


+1 #1 Paul Raican 2018-10-24 04:57
Exchange of roles between bPb7 and bPd7 leads to demolition: 1.c2-e4 d7-f5! 2.a2-c4 f5-g4 3.f5 f3 4.g6 fxf2=R 5.gxg7=R Sc6 6.Rxf7 Rxf1+ 7.Rxf1 BPhf5 8.Kf2 Rxh2 9.Sh3 Rxh1 10.Rxh1 BPg5 11.Qg1 Bc5+ 12.Kf1 Bf2 13.BPd4 Qd6 14.BPc5 Sd4 15.BPb5 b7-c6 16.BPa6 Bd7 17.BPb7=R O-O-O 18.Ra6 Kxb7. I have not yet a correction.

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