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Problem 848: Valery Kopyl - Helpmate
valery.kopyl(23.09.2017) Very nice helpmate by Valery Kopyl with distant selfblocks, unblocks and dual avoidance.
Problem 847: Aleksey Oganesjan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(22.09.2017) Interesting original by Aleksey Oganesjan with Grigory Popov's logical idea in selfmate genre.
Problem 846: Petko Petkov - Fairy (ConditionsUntilPly, Anti-Andernach, Lion, Locust)
petko.petkov(17.09.2017) A fantastic fairy problem in modern style and rich thematic complex shown here for the first time! Deep and instructive explanations by the bulgarian top composer.
Problem 845: Gennady Koziura - Selfmate
gennadi.koziura(12.09.2017) Interesting new presentation of the Selfmate of the Future by Gennady Koziura.
60th World Congress of Chess Composition (WCCC) - Highlights and decisions
WCCC2017(10.09.2017) Here you can see the highlights and some of the decisions from the WCCC 2017 Dresden, Germany. 30 member countries were present, unfortunately without bulgarians this year. But the participation in the tourneys during the congress of the IGM Petko Petkov was great. He won a lot of prizes including wins of both sections of the Tzuika tourney which problems you can see here:
Problem 844: Eugene Rosner - Fairy (Extinction chess)
eugene.rosner(10.09.2017) Fairy twomover with very interesting fairy condition - Extinction chess! Super AUW (King included)!
Problem 843: Alexandr Sygurov - Threemover
alexandr.sygurov(06.08.2017) An excellent Pickaninny from the Russian master! It is a pawn/Bishop duel.
Problem 842: Araz Almammadov & Kenan Velikhanov - Helpmate
araz.almammadovkenan.velikhanov(06.08.2017) Another welcome contribution from Azerbaijan!
Problem 841: Josef Lozek - Helpmate
josef.lozek(31.07.2017) Welcome to Josef Lozek whose nice helpmate has Umnov effects and model mates - blend of traditional and modern in HOTF form!
Problem 840: Valerio Agostini - Helpmate
valerio.agostini(31.07.2017) Grimshaws (even double) in helpmates have been shown many times. Can this neat meredith by Valerio escape anticipation?
Problem 839: Jean Hayman & Menahem Witztum - Helpmate
jean.haymanmenachem.witztum(30.07.2017) Welcome to the Israeli expert Jean Hayman who joins Menachem Witztum to give us a delightful  blend of Goethart & Gamage unpins!
Andrey Selivanov - 50 JT 2017
andrey.selivanov(05.07.2017) The Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess composition” are announcing the chess composition competition dedicated to the semicentenary  jubilee of Andrey Selivanov, the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation. There are only 5 days left to the deadline, so you should hurry up to take a part into the tourney. Here are the six sections:
Problem 838: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Camel Rose, Reverse Pawn, Maximummer, Madrasi)
krassimir.gandev(04.07.2017) Super AUW by Krassimir Gandev in a style which is typical for him last few years. The problem is partially computer tested.
Problem 837: Petko Petkov - Fairy (SneK Chess Adverse)
petko.petkov(23.06.2017) The Bulgarian top composer GM Petko Petkov demonstrates a rich thematic complex with the opposite version of the SneK Chess fairy condition.
Problem 836: N. Shankar Ram - Fairy (Camel Rider, Madrasi)
chess1(29.05.2017) The Indian Fairy chess expert contributes an original after a long break. Welcome back Shankar! This Helpselfmate duplex is full of effects and has perfect unity.
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