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Problem 912: Zoltan Labai - Threemover
zoltan.labai(14.10.2018) Nice threemover by Zoltan Labai with multi variations play.
Problem 911: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate
jozef.holubec2(13.10.2018) Selfmate longmover with two solutions (twins) by Jozef Holubec.
Problem 910: Michal Dragoun - Fairy (Lion, Bishop-Lion, Rook-Lion)
michal.dragoun(12.10.2018) Wonderful fairy original with ODT by Michal Dragoun.
Problem 908-909: Lubos Kekely - Fairy (Transmuted Kings, Circe)
lubos.kekely(11.10.2018) Two fairy problems with Transmuted Kings by Lubos Kekely.
Problem 907: Andrey Selivanov - Selfmate
andrey.selivanov(30.09.2018) A selfmate threemover by the Russian expert. A warm welcome to the current World champion Andrey Selivanov!
Problem 906: Leonid Makaronez - Threemover
leonid.makaronez(12.09.2018) Our regular contributor from Israel presents a simple, well-known duel between rook and bishop.
Problem 905: Cahangir Nifdaliyev - Helpmate
cahangir.nifdalyev(12.09.2018) Cahangir the newcomer from Azerbaijan sends another interesting helpmate.
Problem 904: Valery Shanshin & Mihajlo Mishko - Twomover
valery.shansinmikhail.mishko(06.09.2018) A nice original from Russian - Ukraine coordination. My apologies for late publication. Valery Shansin reports that Mr. Mihajlo Mishko, his co-composer recently passed away. RIP. 
Problem 903: Dan-Constantin Gurgui - Fairy (Two Pieces in One Chess - TPIO)
dan-constantin.gurgui(17.08.2018) Interesting fairy condition which was new to me. Welcome to Dan-Constantin Gurgui! Is there a possible improvement of the twin form?
Problem 902: Ivan Paskalev - Fairy (Grasshopper)
ivan.paskalev(24.07.2018) Fairy original by Ivan Paskalev. Nice harmony between the three solutions.
Problem 901: Aleksey Oganesyan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(22.07.2018) Nice original idea in this new selfmate by Aleksey Oganesyan. You can enjoy his comments.
Problem 900: Petko Petkov - Helpmate
petko.petkov(21.07.2018) Our original 900 is a wonderful helpmate by the Bulgarian maestro Petko Petkov which according his opinion is one of the best his helpmate in the recent years!
Problem 899: Abdelaziz Onkoud - Helpmate
abdelaziz.onkoud2(20.07.2018) Excellent helpmate of the future 2x2 by Abdelaziz Onkoud.
Problem 898: Anatoly Stepochkin - Fairy (KoKo)
anatoly.stepochkin(19.07.2018) An attractive fairy original with KoKo chess by Anatoly Stepochkin!
P.S. After the publication of the problem the author inform us that it was also sent to other tourney, so he exchange it with the fairy original here which is now published as 898.
Problem 897: Emanuel Navon - Helpmate
emmanuel.navon(27.06.2018) An excellent helpmate from the Israeli master with an unusual twin!
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