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GM Petko Petkov
ppGM Petko Petkov was born on 27th February 1942 in the town of Dobrich. He is the best Bulgarian chess composer. He is the leader in the world rank list with 477.75 points in the FIDE Albums (with huge distance ahead of the second).
He began composing chess problems at the age of 14 learning the rules and principles from the magazinesShahmatna misalandShahmaty v SSSRwhich were delivered to the chess club in his native town. His first problem composed is a twomover and it was published in the Russian newspaper “Pionerska Pravda” in 1956.
     In 1957 Petkov began publishing problems in “Shahmatna Misaland the editor of the magazine gave him the address of Nikolay Dimitrov from Varna who later gave him the coordinates of editors of chess magazines in Germany, France, Spain, England, Holland and Yugoslavia where he sent some of his problems which, to his surprise, were accepted very well. Soon the activity of the Bulgarian composer was enhanced and the result came quickly. In 1958 Petkov won his first victory in the chess competition of La voc da Badallona newspaper, organized by the Spanish magazine Problemas, and during the same year the prestigious chess magazine "Schach-Echo" published his short biography and his photo.
     During his military service (1959-1962) Petkov continued composing and publishing problems in Western newspapers and magazines but it was very risky because the ruling party had banned the correspondence with western countries and watched it closely which caused many problems to the Bulgarian composer. In 1962 Petkov came to Sofia to be a student and there he met other Bulgarian composers - М. Popov, V. Alaikov, Kr. Gandev and d-r Iv. Ignatiev. In 1975 he married Miloslava and this gave him the legal right to live in Sofia and his son Denislav was born in the same year. He worked as a reporter for the newspaper “Naroden sport” and also for “Shahmatna misal” magazine of which he became the editor in chief in 1979. In 1991 he returned with his family to Dobrich where he worked as a lawyer. Presently Petko Petkov is an editor of many columns of Bulgarian and foreign newspapers and magazines (including "Strate Gems" USA and "The Ural Problemist" Russia) during the last years he lives in Sofia again.
      The problems of Petko Petkov are exceptionally rich in themes and impeccable technically composed. He composes in all genres (with the exception of retro problems) and he has composed more than 6.000 (!) chess compositions. He has won many prestigious awards including Golden Olympic medal in the Olympics in Novi Sad 1990 (for Selfmates), Olympic victory in the blitz-competition in Skopje 1972 (part helpmates), as well as 5 (!) World champion titles (two for the Selfmates and three for Fairy problems). He is an author of more than 100 theoretical articles published in Western magazines after 1989 (since up to that moment the ruling authorities in Bulgaria did not allow publications in the Western countries). A number of conditions and pieces as AntiAndernah, Eiffel, Chameleon chess, BGL chess, half-neutral pieces and etc. are his inventions in the field of Fairy chess. There is also an orthodox theme bearing his name – theme Petkov. Practically he is one of the founders of Bulgarian chess school in the chess composition which has exceptional success worldwide especially in the field of selfmates, helpmates and fairy chess. He thought and supported the development of a number of Bulgarian authors such as Michail Popov, Venelin Alaikov, Vladimir Zabunov, Krassimir Gandev, Ivan Ignatiev, Diyan Kostadinov and others. Practically Petkov is the creator of Bulgarian Fairy composition publishing the first Bulgarian problems in this field in 1957 and later he actively supported the other our composers. Petkov also built up the Bulgarian school of selfmates publishing a number of articles even before 1980 and practically he introduced worldwide the multiple move selfmate with at least two variants and theme threat. The principles of the modern composition in this genre are exposed in two of his books – Bulgarian in 1980 and the one published in USA "The art of composing SELFMATES" in 2007.

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