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New fairy condition - PEPO by Petko Petkov
petko.petkov.2(16.05.2019) Another great fairy invention by Petko Petkov! Here you can see his new fairy condition - PEPO with explanations and originals.
The Wonderful Fairy options of WinChloe by IGM Petko Petkov
petko.petkov.2(19.01.2019) Here you can see an interesting article by Petko Petkov about the new fairy options in WinChloe which looks very promising for a future work. It was published in Phenix 288-289 in September-October 2018
Fairings n.46 - December 2015
feather(17.12.2015) Here is the last Fairings article (n.46) for 2015! Many thanks to Chris Feather for such a great and long series articles and to Stephen Emmerson who provide these articles to us by email after Chris was retired from an online communication many months ago!
To see the article (in PDF format) please CLICK HERE.
"The Leibovici Interference in H#2" by Massimo La Rosa
massimo.la.rosa(10.01.2015) Very interesting and educative article about the Leibovici interference in helpmates by Massimo La Rosa! The author was helped by Zivko Janevski, Mario Parrinello and Brian Stephenson and the article is dedicated to Chris Feather.
Circle SneK - a new fairy condition

chesspieces1(01.12.2014) This new fairy condition is a similar variation of SneK Chess - condition which was presented during the WCCC in Bern 2014 as a theme of the Bulgarian Wine Tourney. I believe Circle SneK is with interesting possibilities and it is now included in the solving program WinChloe (version 3.31 which is now available - many thanks to Christian Poisson!). You can see here the definition and examples. 

Symmetrical Circe and AntiCirce by Sebastien Luce
sebastien.luce(26.10.2014) Here is an excellent article about Symmetrical Circe and Symmetrical Anti Circe by Sebastien Luce. It includes 48 (!) examples of many different type problems including 16 (!) originals which will take a part in the KoBulChess Fairy Informal tourney 2014.
Successive opening of connected lines in Selfmates
lec5(27.09.2014) As I promised - here is my lecture which I presented during the WCCC in Bern 2014. It was about the Selfmates with successive opening of connected lines. Here you will find a lot of photos from the lecture and PDF file with the full presentation with included all examples and explanations!
Women chess composers - Part 2

women(13.03.2014) The article Women chess composers published on 08.03.2014 and dedicated to the International Women's Day was nice accepted by our community and I received information about many more ladies which deserve to be honored. It was enough for me to prepare this second part of the article which included also some famous women composers from the past.

KoBul Kings - Part 1

dkvideo(22.02.2014) Here you can see my article about KoBul Kings which was published in The Problemist, January 2014. Hope you like it!

"The development of an idea" by Nikola Predrag

chessfairy(12.09.2013) In this interesting and useful article full with fairy originals you can see the way of development of the idea "active selfblocks by the reborn pieces" which started after the publication of the problem n. 231 by Janos Csak. With many examples Nikola Predrag presents a different angles for realisation of an interesting thematic complex and gives some notes for a future work.

Fairings No. 33 (September 2013)

feather(24.08.2013) Here is the new issue of Fairings by Chris Feather for September 2013 (with the distribution support by Stephen Emmerson again).

Fairings No. 32 (July 2013)

feather(02.07.2013) I am happy to present the new article of Chris Feather's Fairings with the supporting distribution by Stephen Emmerson.

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