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   wfcc    World Federation for Chess Composition: http://www.wfcc.ch/




        FIDE:  http://fide.com





                             Bulgarian Chess Federation:   http://chessbg.com







http://www.ankona.ch Create diagrams, store and solve chess problems by Ilja Ketris





       The Ural problemist - website of Andrey Selivanov:  http://selivanov.ru





mat plus sait   Mat Plus - website of Milan Velimirovic with famous chess composition forum: http://matplus.net



goja   Jan Golha's website for chess composition: http://goja.sk



chessprobemChess composition forum: http://chessproblem.net





ccmChess Composition Microweb by Juraj Lorinc: http://www.jurajlorinc.com/chess/chess.htm




bcps   Website of the British Chess Problem Society: http://www.theproblemist.org



sg  Website of StrateGems, the official publication of The Good Companions: http://strategems.net




juliasfairies    Website of the Latvian women chess composer Julia Vysotska: http://juliasfairies.com



kotesovec   Vaclav Kotesovec's website mainly for fairy chess composition: http://web.iol.cz/vaclav.kotesovec



chessstar  Internet magazine for chess composition: http://chessstar.com



chesscomposers  Chess composition blog of Eric Huber и Vlaicu Crisan with daily updated information about the chess composers birthdays: http://chesscomposers.blogspot.com



chess-problems-gr Chess composition blog of Emmanuel Manolas:




e4e5Online magazine for chess and chess composition "e4 e5": 




satrancTurkish website for the chess world: http://www.satranc.net/


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