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Bulgarian successes (Part 2)

trophy(18.06.2012) This is the second part with recently honored chess compositions by bulgarian composers.


1)  a) 1…PAOh7 2.VAOa8! PAOb7 3.NAOe4+ Kd6#
3.PAOe4+?? Impossible according Disparate

     b) 1…VAOf8 2.NAOc8! VAOd6 3.PAOe4+ Kd4#
3.VAOe4+?? Impossible according Disparate

     c) 1…NAOd8 2.PAOa4! NAOb4 3.VAOe4+ Kd5#
3.NAOе4+?? Impossible according Disparate

   I saw this great problem few days ago. Here the bulgarian top composer presents in very interesting way the fairy condition „Disparate” (Echecs Disparates) – which is invented by Romeo Bedoni. 5 years ago gm Petko Petkov and Stephen Emmerson created a new version of Disparate which is included in Popeye, because the first programed version of the condition in WinChloe differ in some cases from the Bedoni's definition. This Popeye version is accepted as a main and was used for the tourney - Bedoni MT organized by Phenix. In Disparate chess when a piece has moved, the opponent's piece of same nature can not be moved on the next move.

   The thematic complex is very rich: creation of anti-batteries and specific fairy play with very nice twin form.


   Of course we should note also the Petkov's fairy problems winners in Section A1 and Section B of KoBulChess TT 2012 (you can see the award on: http://kobulchess.com/en/tournaments/awards/97-kobulchess-award.html ).


2) 1.Re6? (zugzwang), but 1… a3!

   1.Rg5! (2.Sd6+ Kc5 3.S:a4+ B:a4#), 1...Bh2 2.Sc3+ Bf4 3.S:e2+ B:e2#

1...e1B 2.Sf6+ Bg4 3.Qb4+ B:b4#, 1...e1S 2.Sd2+ Bg4 3.Sf3+ S:f3#

   A very nice problem – even that the similar selfmates with combination of white battery play with transformations of black batteries after underpromotions are realized very often, but the fresh element here is the first variant with Black B/R and white S/R batteries play which make this selfmate „Problem of the Future” type 2x2.


3)  a) 1.Bh3!! K:h3 2.Bf2 Kg4/h4 3.Rf4+ Kh3 4.Bg1 g2#

     b) 1.Ba6!! Kg4! 2.Qf5+ Kh4 3.Qg6 Kh3 4.Qe4 R:f3 5.B:f1+ R:f1#

     c) 1.Qe7+! Kh5 2.Qh7+ Kg5 3.Rf5+ Kg4 4.Rf6+ Kg5 5.Qg6+ Kh4 6.Bf2! Q:f2

7.Qh6+ Kg3 8.Qh2+ Q:h2#

   Miniature with three Forsberg twins – black P,R,Q on g3.



   4) 1.Re5! (zz)

      1…B:c2 2.Sb3+ B:b3 3.Q:f4+ B:f4#, 1…B:d2 2.c3+ B:c3 3.Qd3+ B:d3#

      1…h:g1S 2.Qe3+ f:e3 3.Sf3+ S:f3#, 1…h:g1B 2.Bc5+ K:e5 3.Qc3+ Bd4#

       1.R:h1?, 1…B:c2!; 1.Ra(b)5?, 1…h:g1S!

     2x2 thematic connected variations: Black half-battery play and open of black lines after reciprocal white sacrifices in the first 2 variations; Creation of black batteries after underpromotions and Umnov effects (white on f3 and black on d4) in the 3rd and 4th variations. All variations are connected by the play of white Queen on 4 different squares.


     5) 1.Bg5! (zz)

     1…B~ 2.Rf2+ f:g5 3.R:e2+ S:e2#, 1…B:g4 2.R:g4+ f:g5 3.Rg3+ Sf3#

     1…a1S 2.Sd4+ Be4 3.Sc2+ S:c2#, 1…a1B 2.Rc4+ f:g5 3.Rc3+ B:c3#

     2x2 thematic variations: Black correction, white R-B and black S-R batteries play in 1st and 2nd variations; black under-promotions and white S-R / R-B batteries play in 3rd and 4th variations.


     6)  a) 1…h1LE! 2.NAe5 NAb2 3.LEc4+ g1NA#

(1…h1PA? 2.NAe5 NAb2 3.LEc4+ g1NA+ 4.PAh8!, or 2.VAc5 ~ 3.PAb4+ Ka2!)

          b) 1…h1PA! 2.VAc5 NAa2 3.PAb4+ g1VA#

(1…h1LE? 2.VAc5 NAa2 3.PAb4+ g1VA+ 3.LEh7!, or 2.NAe5 ~ 3.LEc4+ Kb2!)

     Creation of two black anti-batteries after four different promotions (Fairy AUW), combined with creation of white anti-batteries, self-blocks on b2 and a2, change of functions of two pairs of white pieces and thematic tries in both phases.



+3 #1 seetharaman 2012-06-20 14:21
Wonderful problems. Reg. problem 1, it is a new condition. The definition of "Dissimilar chess" is not clear. What is "counterstrike" ? Does it mean, Move or capture ?

Further the black mating moves are typed wrongly I think, as there is no Rook on the board.
+2 #2 dkostadinov 2012-06-21 03:05
You are right Ram, the last black moves in the solution of problem 1 should be "K",instead of "R". It is correct now. Thanks!
About "Dissimilar chess" - it was invented by R.Bedoni and presented in Phenix issue 134. My french is not good, but I think that all moves and/or captures by the same type pieces as the last moved of the opposite colour are forbidden.
Is there some more informed composer to tell us the full definition of this interesting fairy condition?

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