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Problem 1050: Valery Kopyl - Selfmate
valery.kopyl(31.12.2020) Here is the last Selfmate for year 2020 - it is by Valery Kopyl.
1050. Valery Kopyl (Ukraine)
S#7                                    (12+6)
     1.Be3! zz 
     1...a5 2.h6 a4 3.Kh5 a3 4.Qxh4+ Kf5 5.Sg6 a2/b2 
6.Ra1/Rb1  g1~
7.Bxg1 hxg6# (MM)
1...h6 2.Kxh4 a5 3.Qg3 a4/Kf5 4.Bd4+ Kf5 5.Qh3+ Kf4
6.Bf6 a3
7.Bg5+ hxg5# (MM)

Ideal dynamic echo with model mates. The active white king and active
sacrifices of the white bishop and knight.


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