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Chess problems
Problem 1050: Valery Kopyl - Selfmate
valery.kopyl(31.12.2020) Here is the last Selfmate for year 2020 - it is by Valery Kopyl.
Problem 1049: Valery Kopyl & Gennady Koziura - Helpmate
valery.kopylgennadi.koziura(31.12.2020) Helpmate with active sacrifices and change of functions by the famous Ukrainan tandem.
Problem 1048: Aleksandr Azhusin - Selfmate
aleksandr.azhusin(31.12.2020) A Selfmate with AUW and white Phenix from the russian master of this genre. 
Problem 1047: Menachem Witztum - Helpmate
menachem.witztum(21.12.2020) A nice helpmate from the Israeli master showing opening of lines and pin model mates. 
Problem 1046: Sergej Smotrov - Fairy (KoBul Kings, neutral pieces, Eagle)
sergej.smotrov(18.11.2020) Nice fairy tanagra by Sergej Smotrov with excellent using of KoBul Kings and neutral Eagle for creating of 4 Chameleon Echo Ideal mates.
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