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Problem 981: Miroslav Svitek - Twomover
miroslav svitek(16.04.2019) Twomover with non-standart and original cyclic idea by Miroslav Svitek. Is that a new theme? An can somebody make it with a closed cycle?
   1.Kh5! (2.Rxf5#)
1...Sg3+ AB   2.fxg3#
1...Sxe3 BC 2.Qxe3#
1...cxd4 CD 2.Qxd4#
1...fxg5   DE 2.Be5#
Spiral defensive motifs AB-BC-CD-DE
A – checking
B – direct guard of the threat square
C – creating flight by capture
D indirect guarding by line-opening
E –capturing of the threat unit

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