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KoBulChess Twomovers 2017-2018 AWARD
logo(22.03.2019) Here is the Award of KoBulChess Twomovers 2017-2018. Many thanks to the judge C.G.S.Narayanan! The award is open for claims for 1 month period.
KoBulChess Twomovers 2017-18 Award
I received 12 problems from K.Seetharaman, co-editor Kobulchess. Though the quantity for a two-year period is low the contributions from stalwarts in the two-move field kept the quality high. Here is my award:
This is a complex combination of primary and secondary threat correction with changed black correction play which deserves the premier honours. The fine key, destruction of battery and the three pin mates are additional features which blend smoothly in this wonderfully constructed lightweight by the master of the two-mover.
The Nowotny try 1.f4? fails to Kxf4! which defeats the double threat by the WQ. The half battery pieces choose to close one of the two black lines so that one of the WQ mates materializes after the king flight. Interesting Dombrovskis involving double threat, anticipatory closing of black lines,half battery play, anti-threat reversal and changed mates.
The double threat after the try 1.Se6?is defeated by 1…Rxd3 and these threats reappear as mates after the same defence after the try 1.Kh4? andin the solution.With this Dombrovskis Le Grand is also combined in the second try and in the solution.There is a transferred mate by the queen on e6 and there is also a nice changed mate thrown in after 1…Bxe7.
A random try by WSf5 with threat Re3 is met by 1…d5.The threat correction try 1.Ne3?(2.Bd5) is defeated by 1..Sf4.The third try eliminates d5 by capturing BPd6 but fails to b4.The flight giving key brings back 2.Re8 yet again. An admixture of white correction and threat correction play nicely presented.
Combination of Dombrovskis and Non-Le Grand with a Bristol key.
Mixture of anti-Dombrovskis and anti-Dombrivskis effects, threat correction type-II.
Nicely constructed Rukhlis with Nowotny and flight giving key.
See the following problem for comparison (in a different scheme of course)
February 4, 2019.

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