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Problem 808: Ravi Shankar - Fairy (All-in)
ravi.shankar(29.01.2017) Fairy moremover miniature with All-in chess.
1.Kc1+ Kc2 2.Kd1+ Kd2 3.Ke1+ Ke2 4.Kf1+ Kf2 5.Kg1+ Kg2
6.Kxh2+! Kg2 7.Kf1+ Ke2!
Not 7...Kf2? 8. Kg1+! Rh2/Kg2 9.Kh1/Kh2#.
8.Kd1+ Kc2! 9.Kb1+ Ka2! 10.Ka1+!
10.R(1)h2+? b2!
10... Rh2!
or 10...Kb2 11.Kc1+ Kc2 12 Kd1+ Kd2 13.Ke1+ Ke2 14.Kf1+ Kf2
15.Kg1+ Kg2/Rh2 16.Kh2/Kh1#
11.Kb2+ Rh1
We have comeback to the initial position but without the wP on h2.
12.Kc1+ Rh2 13.Kd2+ Rh1 14.Ke1+ Rh2 15.Kf2+ Rh1
16.Kg1+ Rh2/Kg2 17.Kh1#/Kh2#
All-in Chess Each player may, on his turn, move one of the opponent's men instead of his own; however, a player may not reverse the move just made by the opponent.


+1 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2017-01-29 18:59
Attractive logical play in such a light position! Bravo Ravishankar! Wish more of our experts took to this interesting Fairy condition.
0 #2 S N Ravi Shankar 2017-02-19 08:45
I have since publication noticed essentially 2 duals.
(a)Duals after 7.Kg1+/8.Ke1+/9.Kc1+; for example, 7.Kg1+!Kf2! 8.Ke1+ Kd2! 9.Kc1+ Kb2!10.Ka1/Kb1 Ka2 11.Kb1+/Ka1+ Kb2 12.Kc1+ etc. as in text.
(b) Duals after 7.Rh2+!/8.Rh2+!/9.Rh2+!; for example 9.Rh2+! Kb1 10.Ka2+ etc. as in text.

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