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Problem 1011: Dragan Stojnic - Helpmate
dragan stojnic(20.12.2019) Dragan Stojnic's new helpmate is full of hideaways! Of course it also shows Zilahi, black correction, Ambush play and bi-color Umnov. So much in two moves!
1011. Dragan Stojnic (Serbia)
H#2          2 Sol.          (7+14)
1.Qxh5( Q~?) Ra2 2.Ba3 (Bb~?) Rd2#
1.Sxa3 (Sb~?) Rxh7 2.Sh5 (Sg~?) Rd7#
Doubled Black corrections, Zilahi theme, Ambush, bi-color Umnov,
Reciprocal Black play to squares h5 and a3 at 1st and 2nd moves  (Author)

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