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Problem 973: Diyan Kostadinov - Selfmate
dkostadinov(15.01.2019) Few days ago I saw an old topic in the MatPlus forum about probably a "new theme for S#2" which grab my attention and few hours later I was ready with this selfmate. Is this the first realisation of the theme in an orthodox selfmate? Opinions!?
1.Se7? (2.Qxg2 Sxf6# a,Sf8# b,Sg5# c)
1Sf8 b2.Qh5+ Rxh5#
1Sg5 c2.Sf3+ Sxf3#
1Sxf6! a
1.Sh6? (zz)
1Sg5 c2.Sf3+ Sxf3#
1Sxf6 a2.Sg4+ Sxg4#
1Sf8! b
1.Se3! (2.Qxg2 Sxf6# a,Sf8# b,Sg5# c)
1Sxf6 a2.Sg4+ Sxg4#
1Sf8 b2.Qh5+ Rxh5#
1Sg5 c2.Sf3+ Sxf3#
Probably the first realisation in an orthodox S#2 of the theme:
1.X! (2.Y2...a,# b#, c#), 1...a, 1...b, 1...c
Two tries with the thematic moves a & b as refutations.
Light construction. Six different mates in total.
Here are the first four comments from the MatPlus forum topic:
Juraj Lorinc:
"I am currently judging fairy tourney where the following theme appeared in the fairy s#2.
The threat is 2.T+! with 3 different checkmates possible 2...X, Y, Z#
Then immediate moves 1...X, 1...Y and 1...Z are defences against the threat.
While the s#2 I have in hand to judge is fairy, I would say that the theme might be shown also in the orthodox form. Maybe. So I would like to ask the opinion of s# experts what is their opinion/knowledge - do you know any such s#2?"
Marjan Kovachevic:
"Sounds promising as a theme for an important thematic tourney - to prove S#2 is still alive."
Darko Saljic:
"It's a beautiful, fresh idea!"
Neal Turner:
"Certainly not easy in orthodox selfmate form, but here we have an example in reflex mate with four(!) thematic moves. ..."(and he demonstrates a R#2 example)
To see the original topic in MatPlus forum CLICK HERE.


+8 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2019-01-15 19:20
Nice realisation of the theme. The two added tries with thematic refutations enrich the problem! I hope this proves to be a pioneer. You have added excellent changes also !

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