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Problem 971: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (PWC)
vaclav.kotesovec(04.01.2019) Here is the first original for 2019! A fantastic fairy problem by Vaclav Kotesovec in the author's typical style.




1…Kg5 2.Kc4 BHd5 3.K:d5(BHc4) BHb5 4.Kc5 BHa6 5.K:c6(BHc5) BHd7 6.Kc7 Kf6 7.K:b6(BHc7) Ke7 8.Ka5 Kd8 9.K:a6(BHa5) Kc8 10.Ka7 BHd8 11.Ka8 BHb6=
1…Kh3 2.Kd5 BHe6 3.Ke4 BHf3 4.Ke3 BHf2 5.Kf4 Kh2 6.K:f3(BHf4) Kh1 7.Kg4 BHh3 8.Kh4 Kg1 9.K:h3(BHh4) Kf1 10.Kh2 BHe1 11.Kh1 BHg3=
1…BHe3 2.Ke4 BHf3 3.K:f3(BHe4) BHg4 4.Kf4 BHg5 5.Kf5 BHg6 6.Ke6 BHd7 7.K:d7(BHe6) Kh5 8.Ke8 BHf7+ 9.K:f7(BHe8) Kh6 10.Kg8 BHh5 11.Kh8 BHf7=
Triple exact echo. Chameleon echo with bishophoppers is rare, in PWC is possible to change color of their squares. (Author)
PWC (PlatzWechselCirce): Captured units reappear on the square just vacated by the capturing unit. Pawns appearing on their 1st rank have no moving or checking power until reactivated by being captured again; those appearing on their 8th rank are promoted instantly, at the choice of their own side.

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