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Problem 574: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Super Pawn, Berolina Super Pawn, Royal Piece, Dromedar Rider)
krassimir.gandev(24.04.2015) Another fairy task with 9 promotions of the same piece by Krassimir Gandev which is dedicated to Unto Heinonen.
Black: 1.DRg1-g7
White: 1.BSg2xg7 2.BSg7-h8=DR 3.DRh8-h2 4.BSf6-h8=DR 5.DRh8-h5
6.BSe5-h8=DR 7.SPe4-e8=DR 8.DRe8-e2 9.SPe3-e8=DR 10.DRe8-e5 
11.BSb5-e8=DR 12.rSPb4-b8=rDR 13.rDRb8-b2 14.SPb3-b8=DR
15.DRb8-b5 16.BSd6-b8=DR 17.Bf8-a3 (zz) 17...rBSa6xa3 ==
9 promotions - Umwandlung in Meredith form and excellent double stalemate final. (Author)
Super Pawn:can go as far as they like in the usual directions, when moving or capturing; promotions are normal.
Berolina Super Pawn: moves diagonally, captures straight ahead and promotes normally. May go as far as desired along the usual lines, provided that they are clear, e.g. white BSa2xa8=S or white BSc2-h7.
Dromedar Rider: line piece 0/3, 3/0 Reader (DRa1-d1 or DRa1-g1, DRa1-a4, DRa1-a7)

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