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Problem 487: Waldemar Tura - Selfmate
waldemar.tura(30.12.2014) A wonderful selfmate with 2x2 thematic connected lines and excellent selfmate strategy (unguard and guard of squares after black Pawn 1-2 steps) and different white pieces playing on the same squares. A warm welcome to Waldemar Tura!
                  1.Qe7?, 1…h5!
                  1.Qd7! (2.Qa7+ Kxd6 3.Re6+ fxe6#)
               1...d4 2.Rec8+ Kd5 3.Qe6+ fxe6#
               1...h5 2.Sb3+ Kc4 3.Se3+ Rxe3#
               1...h6 2.cxb4+ Kd4 3.Be3+ Rxe3#
Original specific selfmate strategy: bPh7 quits the field g6 and attacks g4 or g5.
Interchange of functions of wSg4-wBg5 [1…h5 and 1…h6] 
and wQd7-wRe8 [threat and 1…d4].
White in third move play two times on the field e3 and e6.

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