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Problem 421: Nikola Predrag - Helpmate

nikola(08.07.2014) Another welcome contribution from Nikola Predrag who follows up his Problem 415 with a beautiful original showing the theme Clone-loan! This time he doubles the theme in both solutions with promotions and later sacrifices by both black and white.  






421. Nikola Predrag (Croatia)
   H#2          b) bKa6        (8+13)  
a) 1.d1B h8Q 2.Bxc1 Bxc1#
b) 1.d1S a8B 2.Sxa3+ Qxa3#

Active (black) and passive (white) sacrifice of pieces of the same type & color as the pieces promoted earlier (Clone-loan?). A task of both black and white theme in each phase. All moves are thematic (Author)

Nice interchange of function of the white pieces (Seetharaman)


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