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World Congress of Chess Composition - Belgrade 2016 (Part 2)
26(13.08.2016) Here you can see many information, awards and photos from the last two days of the congress - the Solving Show, the Prize giving ceremony and the Closing banquet of this excellent WCCC in Belgrade.
 Solving Show
The director of the Solving show was Borislav Gadjanski. The winner was Zaur Mammadov. Here are some photos:
The final - Mammadov vs Peitl
The last twomover in the competition - 1.Re6! and
Mammadow won the competition with 5 against 3 points
Results of the tourney
Tzuika Tourney
Some of the winners in Tzuika Tourney:
Julia Vysotska, Michel Caillaud, Juraj Lorinc
ppIn the Tzuika tourney the Bulgarian Grandmaster Petko Petkov won 3rd Prize in orthodox section and 1st Prize in the Fairy section. The winner in the Orthodox section is Mark Erenburg. You can see their top problems in the tourney here:
To see the full Award - CLICK HERE
 Sabra Tourney
The winners of Sabra tourney - Valery Gurov receiving his prize
from the judge Menachem Witztum (behind them from right to left -
Abdelaziz Onkoud, Mark Erenburg etc.)
And another prize for Petko Petkov - here is his 5th prize helpmate:
The full award is HERE.
Vodka Tourney
Valery Kopyl, Alexander Feoktistov, Evgeny Bourd and Andrey Selivanov
The full Award of the Vodka tourney is HERE.
Spisska Borovicka
Emil Klemanic (1st Prize), Juraj Lorinc, Menachem Witztum,
Vasyl Dyachuk (2nd Prize) and... the "crazy" judge Peter Gvozdjak :)
The full award of Spisska Borovicka is HERE.
Ukrainian Folk crafts
Bulavka, Menachem Witztum, Evgeny Bourd, Andrey Selivanov (the winner),
Mikhail Marandyuk, Nataliya Kucherenko, Valery Kopyl, Evgeny Reitsen
The full award of the Ukrainian Folk crafts is HERE.
 Sake Tourney
Boris Shorokhov, Allan Bell, Michel Caillaud, Kostas Prentos (the winner),
Tadashi Wakashima (the judge)
The full award of Sake tourney is HERE.
 Prize giving ceremony of the Olympic tourney 2016
 Harry Fougiaxis (the President of WFCC), Diyan Kostadinov (Gold Medal in Selfmates)
and Andrey Selivanov
I was happy to receive my second Olympic medal - this time Gold
 Prize giving ceremony of WCCI 2013-2015
The winners of Helpmate section - Krizhanivsky (2nd Place),
Semenenko (World Champion), Gurov (3rd Place) 
The winners of Selfmate section - Feoktistov (2nd Place),
Selivanov (World Champion), Erenburg (3rd Place)
and... the photo is made by me - the 4th place ;) :)
The winners of the Fairies section - Lorinc (2nd Place),
Dyachuk (the World champion) and Comay (3rd Place)
Junior winners of solving and composing tourneys
I was very happy to see many young solvers and composers on the congress. Wish them good luck in the future!
Youth Chess Composing Challenge - Section A:
Danila Pavlov, Marjan Kovacevich, Ilija Serafimovic 
The award of YCCC Group A is HERE
Marko Lozajic - the winner of YCCC Group C
The award of YCCC Group C is HERE
The closing banquet and part of the Prize giving ceremony was on the boat restourant on the Dunav rever.
The view from the board 
The next WCCC 2017 will be in Dresden, Germany. The next ECSC will be in Riga, Latvia. I wish to the organizers successful events! 


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