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4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney 2013

winetourney(30.07.2013) Here is the announcement of the 4th Bulgarian Wine Tourney - WCCC Batumi 2013.

   Theme: direct #, H#, S#, HS# problems in 2 to 3 moves with the combination of fairy conditions Take & Make and Anti Take & Make. Neutral pieces are allowed, but other type fairy pieces or fairy conditions are not allowed.

   The problems should be computer checked by WinChloe or Popeye (please write the used program).

   Prizes: Bottles of Bulgarian wine, Bulgarian souvenirs.

   Closing date: 25th September 2013, 23:00h local time

   Judge: Diyan Kostadinov (Bulgaria)

   The tourney is open to everybody, but only congress participants can receive bottles and souvenirs.

   E-mail entries should be sent to Diyan Kostadinov by September 25th  ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it ).



   Take & Make: every capture ("take") must be complemented by a further step ("make": not a capture) by the capturing piece, using the movement of the captured unit, otherwise the capture is illegal. Pawns may not end up on their own first rank. Captures on the promotion rank lead to promotions only if the pawn is still on the promotion rank after the "make" part of the move. Promotions at the end of the "make" element are normal.

   Anti Take & Make: every capture ("take") must be complemented by a further step ("make" - not a capture) by the captured piece (Kings excluded), which must move from its square of vanish (according to the wishes of the capturing side in case of options). The capture is forbidden if the captured unit have not possible move. Promotions at the end of the "make" element are normal.




   Please note that:

   - in WinChloe both conditions are programmed with priority to Anti Take & Make (this mean that when the capture occur the captured piece moves first and after that the capturing – see the examples).

   - in Popeye this is in reverse - Take & Make is with priority (the capturing piece moves first and after that the captured).


1) 1.Bxf6(wBg7,bBc3) Sxa7(bPa5,wSa6) 2.Sxg7(wBh8,bSd4) Bxd4(bSb5,wBe6)#

    1.Bxf6(wBg7,bBd4)+ Kxd4(bBc5,wKb2) 2.Sxg7(wBh8,bSc3) Bxc3(bSd5,wBe2)#

(C+ WinChloe)

2)  a) 1.Bxa2(nRf2, bBe2) nBxd5(bRg5, nBf5)+ 2.nRxf5(nBb1, nRc2) nRxe2(bBh5, nRa6)#

   b) 1.Bxc4(nRh4, bBg4) nRxg4(bBh5, nRe6)+ 2.nBxe6(nRb6, nBc6)+ nBxd5(bRg5, nBd3)#

(C+ WinChloe) 




+3 #1 Kostas Prentos 2013-07-31 08:23
This is an interesting combination of two closely related fairy conditions. Most of the times, the contradiction between the two solving programs will not influence the soundness of a problem. However, it is possible that some problems will be sound or unsound, according to which program is used (or, in other words, which fairy condition comes first). How will you (as the judge) treat this contradiction? Will you accept as sound a problem that was tested by (at least) one of these programs?
+2 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-07-31 15:14
Yes, in some cases both programs give a different result (it can be for a different cases - for example the priority of the fairy condition etc.). So I will accept problems which are C+ from one program (even that the another give another solution). Of course the solution should be logical and not result of some bug for example.
+2 #3 Dmitri Turevski 2013-08-01 08:44
Are the twins like

a) Popeye
b) Winchloe

allowed? :-)
+1 #4 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-08-01 15:21
If you found some original idea to present the difference between order of priority between both conditions - yes. But in this case the more correct twins name will be a) T&M>AT&M and b) AT&M>T&M, because the main content will be the priority of the conditions, not the used checking program.
+1 #5 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-08-01 20:24
Only day after the announcement was published I received the first entry for the tourney! Thank you Bjorn! Very dynamic play!
+1 #6 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-08-06 09:10
I received 6 entries from 4 authors to the moment. Thank you all!
0 #7 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-08-17 18:15
14 entries (9 orthodox and 5 with neutral pieces) were received till to now. The authors are Bjorn Enemark, Stephan Dietrich, Allan Bell, Geoff Foster, Kenneth Solja, Francesco Simoni and Emmanuel Manolas - thank you all!

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