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Andrey Selivanov - 50 JT 2017
andrey.selivanov(05.07.2017) The Russian Chess Federation and the magazine “Chess composition” are announcing the chess composition competition dedicated to the semicentenary  jubilee of Andrey Selivanov, the Vice-President of the Russian Chess Federation. There are only 5 days left to the deadline, so you should hurry up to take a part into the tourney. Here are the six sections:
Twomovers (#2)
Threemovers (#3)
Moremovers (#4-7)
Etudes (+-; =)
Helpmate problems (h#3-7)
Selfmate problems (s#3-7)
The judge of all the sections is the anniversary celebrant.
The prizes ascertained are books, certificates of commendation and honourable mentions.
The original medals and diplomas are ascertained for the winners in all the sections.
At-most-three compositions including joint are possible.
Please send your compositions as DOC (not PGN).
The considerations of the compositions are the following (not compulsory): the type for diagrams is GoodCompanion, for notation – Ches or by the English transcription KQRBS.
The results will be published on the web-site www.selivanov.ru and edited in the separate brochure in December 2017.




+2 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2017-07-05 18:23
Just a few days left... Sadly I wont be able to participate. :eek:

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