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CHAMELEON - 50 JT 2012
chem   KoBulChess.com has a pleasure to announce Jubilee thematic tourney "Chameleon 50" 2012. The occasion for this tourney is 50 years anniversary from the first definition of Chameleon fairy piece in a completed and modern form, which was presented in the small article published in Feenschach, 1962 by IGM Petko A.Petkov.
   The Tourney consists of two sections:
   A: Problems of any type in 2-6 moves with Chameleon fairy piece. Other fairy pieces and conditions are not allowed;
   B: Problems of any type in 2-6 moves with other types of Chameleon piece - Chinese, Marine, Free Chameleon, Neutral and Half-neutral. All these fairy pieces of Chameleon types (Chinese, Marine, Free Chameleon, Neutral and Half-neutral) are allowed, but the other fairy conditions are not allowed.
The problems should be computer-tested with any of the following program: Popeye, WinChloe, Alibadix.
   Chameleon: On completing a move, this piece changes into another piece, in the sequence S-B-R-Q-S…
   Chinese Chameleon: On completing a move, this piece changes into another piece, in the sequence Cao - Vao - Pao - Leo - Cao...
   Marine Chameleon: On completing a move, this piece changes into another piece, in the sequence Marine Knight - Nereid (ND) - Triton (TR) - Siren (SI) – Marine Knight...
   Free Chameleon: On completing a move, this piece changes into another piece, in the sequence different to the standard Chameleon.
ppThe judge of the tourney is IGM Petko Petkov.
Closing date: 15.11.2012
Prizes: honorable Diplomas
Upon receipt the problems will be periodically published in a special section of the website http://kobulchess.com The award will be presented by the end of 2012.
Section А


1) 1…cSa6=cB 2.cQg2=cS cBf1=cR#, 1.cQe2=cS Kb7 2.cSg1=cB cSc6=cB#

Model mates, miniature, white minimal.

2) a) 1.cS:f3=cB cSh5=cB 2.cBd5=cR cBe8=cR#, b) 1.cBd2=cR cQf5=cS 2.cRd5=cQ cSg3=cB#

    c) 1.cRd1=cQ cSf5=cB 2.cQd5=cS cBe4=cR#,  d) 1.cQ:b4=cS cQe8=cS 2.cSd5=cB cSc7=cB#

Four different blocks of d5 square and nice Forsberg twins.

Section B


3) a) 1…f5 2.nrcVAf4(PA) nrcPA:f6(LE) 3.nrcLEh8(CA) f:g6=

     b) 1…e:f6 2.nrcVAd6(PA) nrcPA:g6(LE) 3.nrcLEf7(CA) nrcCAh8(VA)=

Durbar, Ideal fairy stalemate positions, Tanagra.

4) a) 1.b5+ c:b5 2.rcCAc7(rcVA) PAa4 3.rcVAd8(rcPA) PAa5 4.rcPAa8(rcLE)+ Bb8#

   b) 1.rcCA:c4(rcVA) d5+ 2.rcVA:f7(rcPA) b5 3.rcPAf8(rcLE) b6 4.rcLEa8(rcCA) Kb7#

Two Royal Chameleon Chinese Rundlaufs (3 steps/ 4 steps)

cham       cha       chem




+3 #1 dkostadinov 2012-07-08 23:11
Now IGM Petko Petkov preparing the article "The Chameleons" where he will present a lot of facts, history, theory, examples etc. for different types Chameleon pieces and Chameleon chess. It will be published in KoBulChess.com soon.
+3 #2 Julia 2012-07-09 07:53
Thanks for the invitation! I'll participate for sure! I like your blue-colored chameleon picture - my favorite color :)
But seriously: I'd appreciate a lot the article you've written about. Until now I've used only a standard Chameleon type of S-B-R-Q-S, the idea of Marine & Chinese is clear.. But what is the behaviour of Free Chameleon??

I'll add your announcement at my site as well. /julia.
+2 #3 dkostadinov 2012-07-09 08:18
Hi Julia, you can find more differen types of Chameleons (Free Chameleon) in WinChloe. For example the pieces changing in the following sequence: B-S-B..., or Q-R-B-S-Q..., R-S-R..., R-S-P-B etc.
+3 #4 Julia 2012-07-09 12:52
Oh, I see.. Are these several tens(!!) of Chameleon pieces at WinChloe (except standard type, marine and chinese) - Free Chameleons then? I believe :) Thanks!
+2 #5 seetharaman 2012-09-10 19:05
Marine Chameleon: What is their change sequence. I dont see the Marine queen in that list ?
+1 #6 dkostadinov 2012-09-11 00:38
Ram, the sequence is Marine Knight - Marine Bishop (Nereid) - Marine Rook (Triton) - Marine Queen (Siren) - Marine Knight ...
+3 #7 R. Ganapathi 2012-10-26 05:35
In Type B, standard Chameleons also can figure, I presume
+1 #8 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-10-26 12:19
Dear Ganapathi, yes - standart Chameleons also can be included in the problems of section B in combination with another type Chameleons.
+1 #9 R. Ganapathi 2012-11-03 04:43
What is a Marine Knight and how is it indicated in Popeye?I find Popeye not responding to Chameleon Chinese pieces nor to Chameleon Marine pieces. Is it so? But Standard Chameleon condition works.
0 #10 Diyan Kostadinov 2012-11-03 17:04
I think that Chinese pieces and Marine pieces Chameleons are not included into Popeye yet (or somebody have another information about that?). You can check problems of this kind with WinChloe.

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