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My participation on WCCC Bern 2014

my00(17.09.2014) Here are my problems from WCCC Bern 2014 which were awarded with two prizes and one honorable mention. You can see also photos of the prize giving ceremony.










I composed this helpmate during a traveling in the metro of Vienna where was my first stop on my way to Bern. I completely forgot to activate my ticket and was punished with 103 EUR penalty... Next time will be more careful when composing :)





It was really pleasure to me to compose this problem together with Nikola Predrag! He is composer with great skills and I really enjoyed the process. Unfortunatelly this 4 thematic solutions task was not among the prizewinners...




+6 #1 Seetharaman Kalyan 2014-09-17 12:25
Congrats Diyan on the prizes and the very nice problems! The h#2.5 with AUW is also very good. There are many AUW problems in h#2, still I would have expected it to be in the prize list due to the good unity of mates and play.
+4 #2 Nikola Predrag 2014-09-17 17:11
Thanx Diyan, the process was indeed a great pleasure and also very instructive.

This specific task had looked at first impossible but the joined efforts have made a difference, not only due to the combined techniques.
When one of us would give up at some point, the other one has pushed the process for one more step.
We had an optimal mutual shift in phases/oscillations in the process :-)
+5 #3 Vidadi Zamanov 2014-09-17 20:15
Dear Diyan,congratulations!

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