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Problem 219: Hartmut Laue & Paul Raican - Selfmate

laueraican(21.07.2013) A difficult for solving selfmate by Hartmut Laue and Paul Raican which is version of an old unsound problem by Laue. A warm welcome to the germany composer who is the inventor of the fairy condition Take & Make!




Tries: 1.g8S? but1...g4xf3 !, 1.g8R? but1...g3!

1.Qa8! (2.g8R ~ 3.Rc8 ~ 4.Ra7 ~ 5.Ra3+ bxa3 6.Qxa3+ Sxa3#)

1...g3 2.g8S! g2 3.Sf6 g1S 4.Se4 Sxf3 5.Sd4+ Sxd4 6.Sd2+ Sxd2,cxd2#

(3...g1B 4.Se4 Ba7 5.Qxa7 ~ 6.Sd2+ Sxd2,cxd2#) 


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