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Problem 211: Krassimir Gandev - Fairy (Alfil, Dolphin, Dummy)

gandev(04.07.2013) Fairy problem with unusual Set play and Solution form by Krassimir Gandev from Bulgaria.


Set: 1…Bc7 2.Kf7  Bd6#,  1…Rc7  2.Ke5  Re7#

Sol: 1.ALf3! 

1…Bxf3 2. Kf5 Bd5#, 1…Rxf3 2.Kd5 Re3#

1…DOh1 2.ALh5 DOh6#, 1…Bh3 2.ALd5 Bxg4#

White Grimshaw in the Set play and extended white Nowotni in the solution. (Author)


Alfil: (2,2/2,2) leaper

Dolphin: Grasshopper[hops on Q-lines over any one unit (the hurdle) to the next square beyond.] + Kangaroo [as G but requiring 2 (not necessarily adjacent) hurdles on the same line, and landing on the square immediately beyond the second hurdle.]

Dummy: A piece with no moves at all. It may be captured, gain temporarily moving ability by relay, or pushed or pulled around by other pieces if there are pushing or pulling pieces on the board.


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