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Problem 901: Aleksey Oganesyan - Selfmate
aleksey.oganesjan(22.07.2018) Nice original idea in this new selfmate by Aleksey Oganesyan. You can enjoy his comments.
Maybe you think that wBd1 will go on h3 and then, after f4-f5-f6 gxf6-f5-f4, wQe4 will play Qg3+ fxg3#? But really, for execution of it, White is need… both another Queen and another Bishop!
1.Qb1!! d3 2.b6! сxb6 3.c7 b5 4.c8B! b4 5.Bh3! (5.f5? b3 6.f6 gxf6! 7.Bh3 f5! 8.g7 f4! 9.g8Q f3!) 5…b3 6.f5 b2 (here is the point of the key – bPb2 is blocked!) 7.f6! gxf6 8.g7 f5 9.g8Q f4 10.Qg3+ fxg3#.
Thematic try: 1.b6? d3!
The problem with paradoxical key, two anti-critical moves (1.Qb1 and 5.Bh3), two promotions and model mate.

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