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Problem 887. Petko Petkov - Fairy (Disparate, Kangaroo-Lion, Nightrider, Zebra, neutral pieces)
petko.petkov(25.02.2018) The first fairy original for 2018 is here. New problem with rich thematic content and detail explanations by the top bulgarian composer Petko Petkov.
 C+ Py 4.79
a) 1.Nf6! nZa8! 2.nPb8=nN! nNxc6 3.nZc5+ nNxc5#!
Thematic tries: 1.nPb8=nN? nNxc6? and 2.Nf6 is impossible because Ne8 is paralyzed! Here is not good also 1...nZa8+? 2.Nf6? and 2...nNxc6 is impossible because nNb8 is paralyzed!
b) 1.Zb6! nBa4! 2.nPb8=nZ! nZxe6 3.nBb3+ nZxb3#!
Thematic tries: 1.nPb8=nZ? nZxe6? and 2.Zb6 is impossible because Ze8 is paralyzed! Here is not good also 1...nBa4+? 2.Zf6? and 2...nZxe6 is impossible because nZb8 is paralyzed!
c) 1.Bg6! nNc5! 2.nPb8=nB! nBxd6 3.nNe4+ nBxe4#!
Thematic tries: 1.nPb8=nB? nBxe6? and 2.Bg6 is impossible because Be8 is paralyzed! Here is not good also 1...nNc5+? 2.Bg6? and 2...nBxd6 is impossible because nBb8 is paralyzed!
       Thematic complex:
     1.The initial special half-battery (created with three forward neutral pieces: nB, nZ, nN and one rear-piece - Kangaroo-Lion a6)  must be transformed by two non-standard methods:
     a)  Annihilation - captures of each of these three neutral figures with idea "to improve the structure" of half-battery.
     b) Move on the thematic line of a new - fourth white figure (N, Z and B), which temporarily masks the initial half-battery.
     2. Cyclic Neutral "Zilahi", combined with a three-time promotion of nPb7.
     3. Thematic tries that do not lead to the goal due to the specific paralysis of the fairy condition "Disparate". In this aspect, a very interesting effect is the fact that in the starting position all three neutral figures: nB, nZ, nN are pinned for the white!
     4. Super-unusual matte - finals in which three (!) pieces: one white and two neutral, are found under "Disparate - paralysis": wNf6, nNc6, nNc5 in position a), wZb6, nZe6, nZb3 in position b) and wBg6, nBd6, nBe4 in position c). Forsberg twins.
     5. The complex is presented here for the first time.


0 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2018-02-28 03:10
From this year the fairy originals will be published without the definitions on each publication. If you want to see some of the definitions of the used fairy pieces and/or conditions (or theme) you can find it on the website “Definitions” button upside of the screen.

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