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Problem 833: Aleksey Oganesjan, Vitaly Medintsev, Anatoly Skripnik - Helpmate
aleksey.oganesjanvitaly.medintsevanatoly skripnik(16.05.2017) Welcome to Anatoly Skripnik who joins the other two Russian experts to show a complex blend of promotions, selfpins and unpins! They needed the full black army to control the small white force!
833: Aleksey Oganesjan, Vitaly Medintsev &
Anatoly Skripnik (Russia)
H#2         3 sol.      (4+16)
1.c1R Qxb4 (Qxd5, Qxa4?) 2.Rc3 Qe7#

1.c1B Qxd5 (Qxa4, Qxb4?) 2.Bg5 Qd5-d7#

1.c1S Qxa4 (Qxb4, Qxd5?) 2.Sa2 Qa4-d7#


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