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Problem 743: Torsten Linss - Fairy (Rose)
torsten5(21.06.2016) Yesterday we met with Torsten Linss in Bulgaria. Here you can see his new fairy problem (Reflex mate) which he was finish at morning before our meeting and also some photos.
1.Rg7 Ka5,Kb5 2.Qd5+ Ka6 3.Qb7+ Ka5 4.Qb4+ Ka6 5.Qa4+ ROa5
6.Qa2 Kb5 7.Qd5+ Ka6 8.Qd3+ ROc4 (*) 9.Kh4 Ka5,Kb5 10.Qd5+ Ka6
11.Qb7+ Ka5 12.Qb4+ Ka6 13.Qa4+ ROa5 14.Qa2 Kb5 15.Qd5+ Ka6
16.Qd3+ ROc4 (*) 17.Kh5 Ka5,Kb5 18.Qd5+ Ka6 19.Qb7+ Ka5 20.Qb4+ Ka6
21.Qa4+ ROa5 22.Qa2 Kb5 23.Qd5+ Ka6 24.Qd3+ ROc4 (*) 25.Kg6 Ka5,Kb5
26.Qd5+ Ka6 27.Qb7+ Ka5 28.Qb4+ Ka6 29.Qa4+ ROa5 30.Qa2 Kb5
31.Qd5+ Ka6 32.Qd3+ ROc4 (*) 33.Kh7 Ka5,Kb5 34.Qd5+ Ka6 35.Qb7+ Ka5
36.Qb4+ Ka6 37.Qa4+ ROa5 38.Qa2 Kb5 39.Qd5+ Ka6 40.Qd3+ ROc4 (*)
41.Kh8 Ka5 (Kb5?) 42.Qd5+ Ka6 43.Qb7+ Ka5 44.Qb4+ Ka6 45.Qa4+ ROa5
46.Qa2 Kb5 47.Qd5+ Ka6 48.Qd3+ ROc4 (*) 49.ROg8 Ka5,Kb5 50.Qh7 ROe5#

(1.Kh4? ... 9.Rg7? fails because of a white reflex to mate)

6-fold repetition of a 7-move tempo gain maneuvre. The positioning
of the black Rose on c4 (and temporarily on a5) determines the
white king's march to h8. Mate by a double check by a single piece
Rose: (1,2) Octagonal Rider (extents the move of the Knight on a circular path e.g. a4-b6-d7-f6-g4-f2-d1-b2 or a4-c5-e4-f2).
With my wife Snejina, Torsten and Thomas at the Castle in Ravadinovo, Bulgaria


0 #1 Kostas Prentos 2016-06-21 19:40
Since the bK can move to a5, but not to b4, I presume that the white piece on c3 is a pawn, not a bishop.

Nice castle, by the way. I had never heard of it before seeing the pictures.
+1 #2 Diyan Kostadinov 2016-06-22 01:35
Yes, Kostas - on c3 is a wP. I will fix it when come back at home.
About the castle - it is not an old castle from the history. It is builded for last 15 years. It's name is "In love with the wind" and is a good place for relax and photos.
0 #3 Diyan Kostadinov 2016-06-22 09:10
The diagram is now corrected. Thanks Kostas.

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