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Problems 640 & 641: Emmanuel Manolas - Fairy (Circle SneK)

emmanuel.manolas(10.12.2015) Two fairy direct mates with Circle SneK by Emmanuel Manolas.









640. 1.fxg8Q(bBf4)+! [1] Rc4 2.Qxc4(bRb2)+ [2] Kxc4(wQh3) [3]

3.Qd5+ Kxd5(wQh5) 4.Qe6+ Kxe6 5.Qf7+ Kxf7 6.g8Q#

The aim is to unpin wPg7. Black pieces initially guard c4 - d5 - e6 - f7 and on these squares four white Queens are sacrificed. As it happens, only the bK can capture, marching towards mate.

[1] 1.fxg8=B(bBf4)+? Rc4!

[2] 2.Qxc4(bRf4)?, White needs to unpin the wPg7, to be used in 6th move.

[3] 2Kxc4(wQh5)? 3.Qe4+Kb5 4.Qxe2+ Qd3 5.Q2xd3(bQb2)#.


641. 1.Bxe1(bSh2)+! 1d2 2.Bxd2+ Kxb3 3.Qxg8(bBh2)+ Rc4

4.Qxc4(bRb2)+ Kxc4(wQa7) 5.g8Q+ Kb5/Kd3 6.Qgd5#/Qae3#

The aim is to unpin wPg7. The key is a Pelle move. Meanwhile all conversions take place (1.Q-to-S, 3.S-to-B, 4.B-to-R and R-to-Q). All white pieces are used in mates.


Circle SneK:

When a Queen is captured an on-board Rook (or Royal Rook) of the same color becomes Queen.

When a Rook is captured an on-board Bishop (or Royal Bishop) of the same color becomes Rook.

When a Bishop is captured an on-board Knight (or Royal Knight) of the same color becomes Bishop.

When a Knight is captured an on-board Queen (or Royal Queen) of the same color becomes Knight.

Only one piece may change its type after a capture. In case of option, the capturing side decides which piece will be transformed. The capture and the change of type is a single move. If this full move results in a selfcheck - the capture is forbidden. The capture is normal when there is no piece to transform on the board. Castling with Royal piece is not allowed.


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