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Problem 782: Vladimir Pankov - Helpmate
vladimir pankov(2412.2016) The Russian expert shows a theme which is unusual for helpmates!
782. Vladimir Pankov (Russia)
H#3.5       2 Sol.       (2+3)
1…Kc6 2.Be6 dxe6 3.Qf7 exf7+ 4.Kd8 f8Q#
1…Kc7 2.Be6 d6 3.Qf7+ d7+ 4.Ke7 d8Q#


Change of functions of repeating moves BB and BQ:
Active block – Active sacrifice.
It is on the same square, differeent for each piece.
Minimal problem. Quintet  (Author)


+2 #1 Vitaly Medintsev 2016-12-24 09:59
Quite a paradox!
Apparently, this is a specific type of Chumakov theme when the thematic black pieces play the same moves in different phases.
Tempo Kc6 prevents dualized mating move f8=Q/R - a lucky finding!

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