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Problem 1047: Menachem Witztum - Helpmate
menachem.witztum(21.12.2020) A nice helpmate from the Israeli master showing opening of lines and pin model mates. 
1047. Menachem Witztum (Israel) 
H#2           2 sol.        (5+8)
1.Bf5 Rg2+ 2.Qg5 h5#  
1.Bc1 Ra6+ 2.Qf6 Sxe7#
Exchange of function (wPh4/wSd5 -- Mate/passive guard). Hideaway (bB),
Transferred pin Q, Model mate X2, Pin-mate X2.
A white piece guards a square next to the black king
a black piece reaches the square and guards a mate.

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