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Problem 1040: Jozef Holubec - Selfmate
jozef.holubec2(10.10.2020) After long break we are back again! In next days will publishing many new originals, articles and awards. Here is one nice new selfmate original by Jozef Holubec. Your originals and comments are welcome!







1040. Jozef Holubec (Slovakia)
S#10         b)Ke1-h6          (7+2)
    a) 1.Rc3 Kf4 2.Rf3+ Ke4 3.Rf1 Ke3 4.Bf3 Kf4 5.Bd5+ Ke3
6.Bb3 Ke4 7.Bd1 Ke3 8.Sd6 Kd4 9.Qc4+ Ke3 10.Qc3+ Bxc3#
    b) 1.Kg5 Ke3 2.Rd5 Ke4 3.Sc7 Ke3 4.Rd3+ Ke4 5.Rh3 Kd4
6.Bf2+ Ke4 7.Kh4 Kf4 8.Sd5+ Ke4 9.Sc3+ Kf4 10.Qf6+ Bxf6#

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