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Problem 179: Paul Raican - Fairy (Anti Circe)

raican(02.05.2013) Parry-Series Help-stalemate miniature in twin form with a nice stalemate final positions by Paul Raican from Romania.



a) 1.Ka5 2.Bxd6(Bf8) 3.d5+ Kxd5(Ke1) 4.Bb4+ Kf2

5.Be1+ Ke3 6.Bd2+ Kd4 7.Bc3+ Kc5 8.Ba1 Ra2 =


b) 1.Ka4 2.Bxd6(Bf8) 3.d5 4.d4 5.d3 6.d2 7.d1B+ Ke4

8.Bf3+ Kd4 9.Bc5+ Rxc5(Ra1)+ 10.Bh1 Kc4 =


Anti Circe: After a capture the capturing piece (Ks included) must immediately be removed to its game array square (necessarily vacant, else the capture is illegal). R, B & S go to the square of the same colour as the capture; Ps stay on the file of capture; fairy pieces go to the promotion square of the file of capture. 


Pser: A parry series-mover differs from a standard series-mover prior to the last move as follows:

-the series-side may give check during the series;

-when checked, the idle-side must immediately parry the threat;

-a parry-move may be helpful or defensive, depending on the problem-type;

-after a check-and-parry, the series-side continues the series.



+1 #1 Diyan Kostadinov 2013-05-03 17:11
I wondering is it possible both twins to be made with equal number of moves. Will be nice improvement of this already interesting problem.

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