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Problem 1030: Dragan Stojnic - Threemover
dragan stojnic(31.12.2019) This is the last published original for 2019 - a wonderful threemover by Dragan Stojnic showing a complex Cyclone theme! Happy new 2020 year to all our visitors!
1030. Dragan Stojnic (Serbia)
#3vv                        (12+12)
1.Be6 B ? [ threat 2.d6 C~ 3.Rxc4 #]
     1...a1B x 2.Bxf5 A gxf5 3.Sxf5 # (2.d5-d6? stalemate!),
     1...a2-a1Q ! (2.d5-d6? Qa1-a2!)
1.Bxf5 A! [threat: (1…a2-a1Q) 2.Be6 B ~3.Re5-e4 #]
     1...a1B x 2.d6 C gxf5 3.Sxf5 # (2.Be6? stalemate!)
1.Sf1 ? [threat 2.Sh2 3.Sf3 # & 2.Se3 3.Rxc4 #]
     1...a1Q 2.Sh2 ( ~ 3.Sf3 #), but 1...a1B ! x

Djurasevic theme in ideal form (cycle of 1st moves, the threats and 2nd moves in try and actual), shows with stalemating motives. Plus additional try with Black thematic refutation.

Also Holst theme, with Be6 and a1Q as thematic White and Black moves. (Author)


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