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Problems 1028 & 1029: Mikhail Gershinsky & Aleksandr Pankratiev - Helpmates
aleksandr.pankratievmichael.gershinski(31.12.2019) Few more originals in last minutes of the year. Happy to present two nice helpmates from the Russian masters with apologies for the belated publication. With this I have published all helpmate originals I have received. If I missed any please resend. (Seetharaman)






1028. Mikhail Gershinsky (Ukraine) &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#2        5 sol.        (6+10)
1. S7xf5  Be5 2. Kxe5  Re6#
 1. Kxe3  Re6 2. Kd3  Rd5#
 1. S3xf5  Bxc2 2. Kd5  e4#
 1. Rb2  Rf4 2. Ke5  Bxb2#
 1. Rxa1  Rc3 2. Ba2  Bxc2#
Will the above be better as a four solution helpmate? (Seetharaman)
1029. Mikhail Gershinsky (Ukraine) &
Аleksandr Pankratiev (Russia)
H#3.5        b) Rd8-e7       (3+13)
a) 1... Bxb7! 2. Kf4+  Kxh2  3. Qe3  Bf3 4. e5  Rxf7#
b) 1... Rxb7! 2. Qc6  Rb3 3. Ke4  Rf3 4. Be5  Bxc6#

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