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Problem 1016: Vaclav Kotesovec - Fairy (Moose, White Maximummer)
vaclav.kotesovec(31.12.2019) Two pairs of echo mates on the four corners in this fairy helpmate by Vaclav Kotesovec.
1016. Vaclav Kotesovec (Czech Republic)
H#9               4 sol.              (2+3)
White Maximummer
c5,e1: Moose
1.Sg3 Kd2 2.Mg4 Ke3 3.Sf5+ Kf4 4.Kg7 Mg6 5.Mh7 Ke5 6.Sd6 Mc7 7.Sf5+ Ke6 8.Kh8 Kf7 9.Sg7 Mg6#
1.Ke7 Mf7 2.Kd8 Kb2 3.Kc8 Ka3 4.Kb8 Kb4 5.Md5 Md4 6.Sc5+ Ka5 7.Sb7+ Kb6 8.Ka8 Ma6 9.Mb8 Mc7#
1.Ke5 Mf6 2.Kd4 Md3 3.Kc4 Mc5 4.Kb3 Kd1 5.Ka2 Kc2 6.Sc3 Mb2 7.Ka1 Md3 8.Sa2 Mc1 9.Mb2 Mb3#
1.Kf5 Mg6 2.Kg4 Md4 3.Kh3 Mf3 4.Sg5 Kd2 5.Kh2 Ke3 6.Kh1 Md2 7.Sf3 Mf1 8.Mg2+ Kf2 9.Sh2 Mg3#
Two pairs of echoes in four corners. C+ (Alybadix, Popeye) (Author)
Moose (M): a grasshopper which pivots 45' (to either side) at the hurdle.

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