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Problem 1000: Petko Petkov - Fairy (RAO, NAO, PAO, VAO)
petko.petkov.2(14.10.2019) Our jubilee problem number 1000 is a fantastic fairy original by the top bulgarian composer gm Petko Petkov! As he said this is one of the best his problems for the year, so enjoy the play and author's comments!
1000. Petko Petkov (Bulgaria)
1.PAff8+! NAe8! (1...RAe8?) 2.Kc4! VAcd2 3.Rf7+ RAd6#
1.VAf8+RAe8! (1...NAe8?) 2.Ke4! VAed2 3.RAf7+ NAd6#
     Thematic complex:
     1.Five different white and black pieces play on exact 5 squares in both solutions: f8, e8, d2, f7, d6. I think this idea is expressed here for the first time in the HS# - genre!
     2.In each solution we see the creation of 5 (!!) different anti-batteries (3 white direct anti-batteries+ 1 black direct anti-battery+ 1 black indirect anti-battery).
     3.In this problem, the "Black Indian Theme" is presented for the first time when applying thematic figures NAO and RAO, who play on the same fields - e8 / d6 in both solutions in combination with Umnov - theme after the moves 1 ... NAe8! 2.Kc4! (I sol.) And 1 ... RAe8! 2.Ke4! (II sol) and with dual-avoidance theme!
     4.The white King in the initial position has 8 free squares!
     5.Aristocrat with only 15 pieces (it is so called "Mosow-form").
Fairy pieces definitions:
Pao (PA) / Vao (VA) / Rao (RA) / Nao (NA): Move as Rook / Bishop / Rose / Nightrider respectively, but capture by hopping over a hurdle to any square beyond.

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