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Problem 986: Petko Petkov - Fairy (Leo, neutrals)
petko.petkov.2(03.05.2019) New fairy original with very rich thematic content by Petko Petkov. He dedicated it to the 70th anniversary of the famous Feenschach magazine! He was the first bulgarian composer published there 60 years ago!
1.nLEh2! Ke3 2.nLExc7 nBh2! 3.nLEg3! Kf4+! 4.nQxg3+ Ke4#!
1.nLEb1! Kc2 2.nLExb7 nRb1! 3.nLEb2! Kb3+! 4.nQxb2+ Kc4#!
Thematic complex:
1.White Annihilation captures of Pc7/Pb7 for the purpose of opening lines. Follows the Umnov - theme (nLe-> nB and nLE-nR)
2. Neutral Bristol nB/nLEO (I sol.) and nR/nLEO (II sol.) combined in a non-standard way with Indian theme with sacrifices &captures of the nLEO .
3. Creation of special mixed anti-batteries and batteries with opening piece - the black king and two rear, neutral pieces.
4. Model mates with pins of the neutral Queen.
5. In the process of the play the black king shows extreme activity: he makes a total of 6 different moves in both solutions!
In my opinion, this complex is demonstrated here for the first time.

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