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Problem 919: Pierre Tritten - Fairy (Breton adverse)
pierre.tritten(12.11.2018) Fairy original with interesting Breton adverse condition by Pierre Tritten.
a) 1.Sfd4 Rg3 2.Se2 Bf5# [3.g/Rxf5(xe3)??\]
b) 1.Scd4 Bb5 2.Se2 Rgd4# [3.Se/Sfxd4(xc4)??]
Interchange of function between wBd7 and wRg4 (rear specific virtual battery piece/mate)
All black moves by Knights, on the two same squares, clearing a white line on B1, blocking on B2
Breton adverse: When a piece is captured, another piece of same nature belonging to captured side (if any) must also disappear.

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