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Problem 794: Mikhail Mishko & Sergey Borodavkin - Selfmate
mikhail.mishkosergey.borodavkin(31.12.2016) Nice Selfmate moremover. Welcome to Sergey Borodavkin!
1.Rg8, Rg4? 1…b6!
1.Rg1!!(1.Rg2?) (zz)
1…bxa6  2.Sd6+! (2.Rd1?  axb5  3.Sd6+  Kg5!) Kxe5 3.Sf7+ Kf5 4.Rd1! (zz) axb5 
5.Qxb5+ Re5 6.Rd5 Rxd5 7.Qd3+ Rxd3#  Model mate with passive annihilation of the Se5 and wPs, sacrifices of the wR and Q.
1…b6 2.Sc6! bxa5 3.Kg3! Ke4 4.Qd4+ Kf5 5.Se7+!(5.Sd6+? Rxd6!) Rxe7 6.Sd6+ Kg5  7.Qe3+ Rxe3# Echo Model mate with active sacrifice of the Se5.
Connected play by both wSs. Two echo model mates in the middle of the board. (Authors)

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