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Задачи 978-980: Petko Petkov - Fairy (Anda, Anda Inverse)
petko.petkov.2(10.04.2019) Три страхотни оригинала пот Петко Петков с НОВИТЕ феерични условия ANDA и ANDA INVERSE, които той въвежда тази година. Насладете се на първите публикувани оригинални задачи с тези условия и обясненията на Петков!
ANDA:  A non neutral piece (except a King) that gives a direct check becomes neutral. A neutral piece (except a King) that gives a direct check takes the colour of the side that moved it. (Invented by Petko A.Petkov, 2019, programed in WinChloe 3,44,).
978. This problem demonstrates some important effects characteristic of Anda: a specific "Correction theme" of a piece that is in neutral phase, multiple Switchback.
An interesting try (which to a certain extent has a logical character!) is 1.Be5=nB +!? in order to give matе from the "e5" square with a Bishop in white phase. Now on 1...nBe5~ follows 2.nBe5=wB#! with an unexpected return to the square "e5" (Switchback!). But black has a good "correcting move": 1...nBg7=bB+!! Pay attention to this counter-check, which is typical of Anda condition only!
   1.Re6! - threat 2.Pe3=nP+! nPe2 3.nPe3=wP#! - another Switchback with color change! 
Similarly: 1...Bc1 2.Pc3=nP+! nPc2 3.nPc3 =wP#!
After 1...Qxd3 a new, successful white Bishop's action is possible: 2.Ba7=nB+! nBb8 3.nBe5=wB#! The "wBe5#" that we can perceive as a "Main plan" has already been implemented, but unlike the try-play, after other maneuver of the white Bishop! If 2...c5 follows 3.nBxc5=wB# - an unexpected matе with the white Bishop, this time from the "c5" field! 
After the defense 1...f4 a new "Neutral correction" arises, this time in the play of the white Rook: 2.Re4=nR+!! nRe4~ 3.nRe4=wR#!! (again Switchback!) and 2...nRxe7! 3.nRd7=wR#!
(1.Re5? Qxd3!).
979. a) Thematic try with logical character: 1.Ke8? and if follows1...nCRe6=nCQ 2.CSg1=CB hxg6 3.CBh2=nCR+!! nCRh8=bCQ+!? (the only possible move of black!) there is no mate because white has a strong defence: 4.nCQg8=nCS!! Therefore the Chameleon must step on "e6" but in black color! That's why an "Anda check" is needed and white must make the move Ke8 later! The right way is: 1.CSg1=CB! CRe6=bCQ+! 2.Ke8! hxg6 3.CBh2=nCR+! nCRh8=bCQ#
   b) Thematic try with logical character: 1.Ka5? and if follows: 1...nCRc6=nCQ 2.CSh2=CB c2 3.CBg1=nCR+ nCRe1=bCQ+ there is no mate because 4.nCQc3=nCS! The right way is: 1.CSh2=CB! nCRc6=bCQ+! 2.Ka5! c2 3.CBg1=nCR+! nCRe1=bCQ#!
Unexpected finals with two chameleons in black phase, line opening, model mates. Meredith form. My best Anda-problem!
ANDA INVERSE: A piece changes its colour when it has been moved without direct check: when it is white or black, it becomes neutral; when it is neutral, it becomes white if it has been moved by White and black if it has been moved by Black.A piece (except a King) that gives a direct check retains its color.(Invented by Petko A.Petkov, 2019. This condition will be included in the next version of WinChloe).
980. Set-play: 1…c3=nP 2.Sd3+ Kc4 3.Ba6#. But white has no tempo-move, for example: 1.Pf5=nP? nPf4=bP! Of course, every move of the white Bb7 changes its color to neutral and follows 1... nB~ = bB!
Illegal moves are 1.h8=nB?? or h8=nQ?? due self-check. Weak is also 1.h8=nR? due 1...nR~=bR! (for example, not 1...nRh5+?? 2.nRh8=wR! Pc3=nP 3.Rc8#!, or 2.nRh3=wR! Pc3=nP 3.Rxc3#!).
Right is only: 1.h8=nS! (zz) - 1…nSf7+ 2.nSg5=wS! Pc3=nP 3.Se4#; 1…Sg6+ 2.Sf8=wS! Pc3=nP 3.Sxd7#. (1…nPc3 2.Sd3+ Kc4 3.Ba6#). A curious role of the promoted S which in the process of the play makes 6 different moves!

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